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Guitar Blogs and Directories – Open Letter

Guitar Blogs and Directories;

Dear Fellow Internet Developers

As each day goes by I am starting to see my guitar posts and content appear on websites from one side of the Internet to the other.  As a musician of almost 40 years experience I am more than happy to aid other musicians in their development as I consider that the world will be a better place if we can create beautiful music.   The content I write is well thought out and is aimed at nurturing various aspects of the guitar players education, it includes helpful hints, TABS, Scales, Notation, youTubes of things that you may not be aware of, ideas to help when you’re feeling uninspired, performance tips and numerous high quality information that I have gathered over 30+ years from studying with great musicians, performing in numerous line ups and self study in areas that relate to harmony and improvisation, open tunings,  that I couldn’t find in books or learn from any othe players. 

As there are so many other blogs etc starting to access my work, it would be appreciated that if you are going to do so , it would be polite if you forwarded a comment to me to discuss this with me as I do not want to be associated with most of the garbage that is out there.   Places like guitarnoize, 20lbcat and the guitar blog ring and some others have some good original material but there are many blogs that are just using some of our good content and links to drive traffic to their blogs to sell somebody elses affiliate lessons and in many cases, the owners of these blogs have very little to offer in the way of good quality information.

If you are going to use portions of my posts please contact me prior to doing so.  A number of people are also adding useless comments of little value to my comments in order to add their web address, if you plan to do this and not genuinely add a  useful comment please save yourself the time and do it on someone else’s blog that does not care so much about quality of what they do. 

If you have a good quality blog relating to guitar, I will more than likely help support you in whatever you are doing as I am dedicated to high quality music of any style. By maintaining a decent standard amongst associated guitar blogs it will benefit both the developers and visitors alike

Regards Tony Hogan

This also relates to my other blog the-guitarplayer.com 



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