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How To Play Guitar Chords – Seventies style

How to play Guitar chords for acoustic guitar.  In the seventies there were a lot of acoustic guitar duos and bands. I have decided to post a a few chord patterns that have a sort of seventies sound for the next few posts.

This first exercise that I made up starts on a D major chord , then it moves up the fretboard to a D minor Seventh, from there it goes to a G and back to the D minor 7. That movement from Major to Minor is very sweet.

The next 4 bar are a D chord, followed by a C with a D bass C/D, then it goes to a D again but it is played up at fret 5 and returns back to the C/D.

The final four bars are starting on a D minor 7, moving to a G, then a C and back to a D. It’s a good idea to learn to train your ears to hear chord changes, don’t just play them, listen.

Some of the interesting duos and bands of the seventies were Batdorf and Rodney, Seals and Crofts, Tufano and Giammarise. Cecilio and Kapono, England Dan and John Ford Coley, many may not realise it that Hall and Oates were very acoustic on the album Abandoned Luncheonette album, Loggins and Messina, Aztec Two Step, and years later Buskin and Batteau.

Work through the chords and play them with another player using straighter chords. The use of these type of chords will also give you an open tuning sort of sound.

NOTE: you could also drop your bottom E string a whole tone down to D. Enjoy!

D chord Guitar Exercise

 To Download the printable version click the link d_chord_exercise



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