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Eric Bibb – Blues Guitar on 12 string youTube

The blues can be very simple and even broken down to one chord or riff, the most common blues are generally three chords; or you could go to the other extreme and play a jazz blues with numerous chord changes. Regardless whether we play a complex or a simple blues, the end result needs t be be music with feeling. My feelings are, a good way of measuring a players musicality is to get them to play ab blues.

I found this youTube video by Eric Bibb and the first thing that struck me was the texture of the guitar, he’s using a twelve string, it has a small body, the sound is incredibly sweet. Eric Bibb has a very smooth voice and he plays gospel as well as a sort folk style at times, but in most of his music there is blues underlying his tunes.

Have a listen to the chords he ues at times throughout this song ‘aint No Cane On the Brazos’ , what I like is he dares to be a little different in his harmonizing of songs. Eric Bibb has a beautiful sense of time and at times has so musicality that it scares me. His music is simple in structure, quite frankly I think he will be one of the most influencial blues players over the next so many years. We can all take a musuc lesson from him just by listening to his approach.  We can all learn from the different ways that other players take something that is very simple and stretch it to make it their own.

One guitar, one voice, perfect in its execution.

Eric Bibb Hompage 



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5 thoughts on “Eric Bibb – Blues Guitar on 12 string youTube

  1. its beautiful to have you in the guitor programme. i would love it if you gave me a few beginner lessons on some common gospel songs

  2. One of my favourite musicians, he has great feel but also he is awesome technically. Check out his DVD ‘Live at the Basement’ a personal favourite of mine. This track is on there along with many other corkers!

    Shame it is so hard to find any tabs for his music, just spent quite a while sussing Sebastians Tune, think I’ve got it down now! 😉

  3. Never heard a 12 string sound so smooth. Perfect complement to that edge to his voice. As you say, Tony, his timing is wonderful. Another 5 and a half minutes of bliss. Thanks for posting it Tony!

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