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Sixties Hippy Guitar Inspiration – San Francisco

Anyone that was alive in the sixties, and in a conscious (or semi conscious) state would be aware of the impact that the song San Francisco had globally.  Overnight, from one side of the world to the other there were people abandoning shoes, growing hair, mismatching colors, doing peace signs and saying rather peculiar things to each other. 

The song “If you’re going to San Francisco” was one song that influenced numerous people to start playing acoustic guitar, wear sunglasses, look seedy and hang out with other people that had also invested in guitars, bongos and a few books like Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and the Dharma Bums.

Many younger guitarists may never have seen this youTube clip.  If you haven’t, I recommend you make yourself a buckwheat tofu sandwich with sprouts, get a few oatmeal cookies, a peppermint tea, light up the incense and sit back and enjoy this song sung by Scott Mackenzie and written by John Phillips.

Enjoy the Scott MacKenzie youTube video of san Francisco

The Youtube has been disbled but is worth seeing, go to San Francisco

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