Led Zeppelin Acoustic Guitar

So many of the rock groups of the sixties and seventies are known for their electric music.  At the time and even still I liked the Led Zeppelin 3 album, complete with cover that rotated.  I’ve decided to post their recording of ‘Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp’.  The acoustic guitar playing of Jimmy Page was definitely influenced by the music of Davy Graham.  There are parts of the song where I’m thinking Bluegrass, in fact I think that one of the music quotes is from Turkey in the Straw. This recording /youTube is from 1975.  Back then it was much harder to use acoustic guitars in a live situation. i love the reintroduction of the rhythm part at about 4.40

Led Zeppelin 3 Cover

The cover of Led Zeppelin 111 album

Enjoy the youTube video of the acoustic guitar song “Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp’



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5 responses to “Led Zeppelin Acoustic Guitar

  1. Great video. I wish I could play like that. Perhaps, someday?

  2. Woooo hooo! Loved it. 🙂

  3. acousticguitarist

    I think this song influenced a lot of players, I love the chord sound at 34 seconds

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  5. Sam Lafontaine


    If you like Zeppelin I’ve made a page collecting all their chords. Why not have a look if you play guitar?



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