Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Blues

Jimi Hendrix is primarily known as an Electric Guitar Player, and a brilliant one of that.

I think it’s important to hear guitar players without the electronics, unplugged before being unplugged was fashionable. So here’s a youTube of Jimi Hendrix playing his acoustic blues on 12 string guitar. I’ve loved it since I first heard it in the early seventies and it dfinitely stands the test of time.

Enjoy the Jimi Hendrix acoustic guitar video on youTube



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7 responses to “Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Blues

  1. acousticguitarist

    Thanks Jason

    I watched the video. He’s a very interesting, quite young and I’d love to see where he’s at in about five or ten years when he matures. I can’t honestly see any relationship between Hendrix and this guy. But I really appreciate you pointing out his playing. There are other players that player 8 and 10 string acoustic guitars such as Egberto Gismonti and Ralph Towner as well

    If you want to comment it’s great, but next time add a little content about the player so we can be a litlle more informed

    Regards T

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  3. joey broussard

    what kind of 12 string is hendrix playing on hear that train a comin? thanks

  4. joey broussard

    At one point in the video you can see what looks like a 4 leaf clover type logo.

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