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Doc Watson – Black Mountain Rag

Doc Watson the blind acoustic bluegrass guitar player is by far one of the greatest players in his style.  What has surprised me a lot over the years, is that many people I have encountered thought he was a black blues player.  I have added this youtube video of Doc Watson because many people haven’t heard him play.  The song Black Mountain Rag is a classic.  For those that are interested in harmony and counterpoint, have alisten to the way the guitars start working together at about 2.27 and also the upping the tempo at about 3.04. 

Brilliant. Doc’s contribution to the development of the acoustic guitar playing has been great, he has influenced many players. I think what has surprised me also is the stiffness of his right arm, slightly unusual

Enjoy the Doc Watson youtube video of Black Mountain Rag



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6 thoughts on “Doc Watson – Black Mountain Rag

  1. I went to hear Doc many years ago–May 5, 1988; I have the poster and ticket stub for that Marietta, Ohio, concert hanging on my living room wall. He and Jack Lawrence played marvelously; they were happy to be “back down south,” and they showed their pleasure. And he told a story about his grandchild, for whom he often played sweet music. He reported that she would hug him, and say, “I love you, Doc!”

    I wish I had cried out, “I love you too, Doc!”

  2. Michael

    I would have loved the opportunity to see Doc play and thanks for the sweet story. I love his version of the Cuckoo


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