Tony Rice – Brilliant Acoustic Guitar Technique

Flawless guitar techniques are things that I have always appreciated. Regardless of style, credit always needs to be given where it’s due. I’ve been listening to Tony Rice the Bluegrass player for almost 30 years now. He’s one of the players that have taken bluegrass into new areas.

It also includes a tutorial where the song is analysed by his brother Wyatt. This is really worth watching. Although the structure is simple there’s plenty in there.

Enjoy the Tony Rice youTube video

Plectrum guitar at its best.



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2 responses to “Tony Rice – Brilliant Acoustic Guitar Technique

  1. Bill

    Tony is so elegant, and plays with such economy of motion! Wyatt is no one’s slouch, either!

  2. Bill

    Wyatt. Most likely you don’t remember me, but, I sure as heck remember you. We met a few times (notably at one of The Graves Mountain Festivals). I got to play alongside you, up your hotel room (where a tremendous jam was happening). I won’t forget it! I always loved your impeccable style, and, the fact that you allowed me (a moderate picker, at best) to come to the jam. I love your Santa Cruz.

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