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Guitar Fretting Hand Exercise

My last article was about a simple but worthwhile fretting hand exercise.  But really, if you want to be a better guitar player, you’ll need something just a little harder.

I’ve put together another exercise.  This exercise will require a bit more effort because the first finger is not used.  The first part of the exercise you’ll use fingers 2 and 3 across the fretboard, followed by 2 and 4 , then finally 3 and 4. 

 Some guitarists get a little lazy and never develop all the fingers, particularly the 4th finger. 

 Guitar Exercise Left hand strengthening technique

Click theLink to download the printable version Guitar Exercise Left hand strengthening technique


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4 thoughts on “Guitar Fretting Hand Exercise

  1. Hello, your blog has been a great help for me ! I’ve been learning the guitar for 1 year now. I wanted to know if there are any excersises for improving scales ?

  2. I accidentally shot myself in the index finger once… (yeah yeah laugh it up!!) As a bass player I thought that was the end of my bass playing days… Well, I can say with a straight face that it was the best thing that ever happened to my playing. While it was healing I said “hey I’m not gonna sit around and not play my bass” so I totally eliminated using the index finger and used the other 3 until my index finger healed. Once I was able to press the strings with my index again I couldn’t believe how much better my playing had become. This was 4 years ago and I’m still using all 4 fingers effectively.

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