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E Minor Blues Guitar Tutorial in Flash

I’ve written a very good guitar tutorial in Flash format. 

It’s a simple minor blues in E but it’s very very straight forward.  give it a trial and tell me what you think by leaving a comment here.  This format is still in the testing phase


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2 thoughts on “E Minor Blues Guitar Tutorial in Flash

  1. Warm up excersises are always very useful, when I played gigs I had to think hard about what to play first, some pieces I dared not tackle until fully warmed up. I agree, Chromatics are a good way to warm up, it gets all the fingers moving, and the left hand has to work hard in the low positions to avoid buzzes.

    I recall Django Rheinhart, the legendary jazz guitarist, only used his first two fingers on his left hand to play, the third and fourth (pinky) were damaged. Perhaps where there is greatness there is also a great will, and desire to play, and where there’s a will there’s a way..Anything’s possible..

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