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The Greatness of Music

One of the wonderful things about music is its ability to be enjoyed by people across the world, regardless of any differences of any sort, whether they be cultural, religious, ideological, financial status or age group.  It’s very normal for human beings to disagree on things, even two people that care for each other dearly will often have polar opposite views on things. So when you’re with others that you may not even know it’s easier to disagree or be misunderstood. Many times I’ve thought that maybe if we could just all be quiet for a few moments, forget that we have opinions on anything at all and just listen to and feel the emotions coming from music, we’d all be a little happier and we’d be in greater harmony with each other.  I guess the other art form that has a similar effect is dance, but guess what we dance to. 

In many countries boys often don’t want to sing, or at least they think it’s not so cool to.  This is very unfortunate because we generally feel better after singing, at least I do.  So where this is leading is to remind you to sing more often and just for a moment forget that there are differences on anything, sit back and enjoy music and recognise that somebody somewhere that may not see the world the same as we do, is probably listening to and enjoying the exact same music as we are. Music has incredible power to bring us into harmony within ourselves and others.



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One thought on “The Greatness of Music

  1. This thing with singing is a matter or “being a man”, it may be seen as not being for a man but for a chick! But it also may be a thing of personal trust, a lot of people don’t trust their voice (including me, to be honest, but I DO SING even if sometimes I would better not do it 😉 )

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