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The best time to Play Guitar

I find that different times of day are suited for playing certain things.  Over the years I’ve noticed if I get up early and start playing, it’s a very good time to practice things like slow exercises, reading very simple fingerstyle/classical guitar pieces.  By doing this it sets me up for the rest of the day to play other things musically.   By playing simple material it enables me to play with greater feeling because I don’t have to think so much about technique aand if the material is good and musical sounding it puts me into a calm mood.  When players are relaxed they play their best.  If  I start with complex material it can create a feeling of frustration, I consider very important to feel good about practicing and not feel like I’m a workhorse with a goal that I may never reach.

 Once I’m comfortable I’ll eventually start working through more complex or new material.  Because I have already got some satisfaction  back from the music, I don’t feel so bad if the new material isn’t quite as good as I want it to be or if I’m not feeling as if I can’t play the more complex music to the standard I had hoped for.

As the sun goes down I like to sit outside on the balcony and play ten or so instrumentals and sing for a while, I’ll often do this til the mozzies get to the point where I notice them.  I find it very important to play outside whee there’s trees, and from where I sit I can see hills and small mountains, usually a lot of birds singing.

My favourite time to play is about nine thirty at night, the world is starting to be quiter then , the air seems better acoustically and because my fingers have done some music throughout the  day the music is very alive.  I also find this time of day and later is the most suitable for recording, the world is much more sensitive at these hours and it’s easy to become lost in the music.

 When I used to work more live, I found it difficult to get up early and play because the playing late leaves you in a very different emotional state. 

To sum this up, it’s the ability to create the right mood to do music that is the most important thing. If we get it wrong and not happy and get frustrated, it’s easy to lose interest, this is a very important thing to consider.  It’s not just about picking up an instrument and playing, it’s about creating the necessary environment to get something back for the time we are putting  in.

I’m wondering what other players do.  Why not leave a comment?



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3 thoughts on “The best time to Play Guitar

  1. I always thought I played better alte at night, perhaps relaxed better. But it’s like the old Arabic saying, the early hours are taken from paradise, so in my case, I feel receptive to the music at that time. I never could play much scales or excercises (one area I possibly went wrong in) so it feels so wrong to be wrestling with technical problems in the mornings. I liked to keep it simple to begin with, reletively.

  2. Teaching, I get to play all day. What I found though was that I didn’t get to practice for personal improvement, mostly just for lesson prep.

    So my playing usually is technical drills/studies from 5:30 a.m. – 6:30 a.m., some reading mid morning and then ear training at night when I get home (using Ear Master Pro).

    The rest of the day is spent playing blues, rock, jazz, country tunes and soloing during lessons.

    Hard life eh? 🙂

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