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DADGAD guitar arrangements

I have written a couple of very playable DADGAD arrangements that are posted at These are free, extremely musical and will be really useful if you are swapping over to playing in DADGAD open tuning on acoustic guitar.  Although they are fingerstyle arrangements for both classical and steel string guitar there would be no lproblem in using a plectrum / pick or a combination of fingers and picks.  These tunes could easily be extended and modified  into songs that you’d play in an acoustic guitar repertoire.  Enjoy them, they are in acrobat reader format pdf, I have found that pdf prints much better than saving guitar tab and notation in an image format.



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2 thoughts on “DADGAD guitar arrangements

  1. Hi, very interesting guitar site you have, well done. I play classical, many times tuning is bottom two strings D and/or G. With your tuning top string down to D in addition is logical and creates a mellow sound for the guitar, I think.

  2. Thanks Mark

    It’s an interesting tuning, as you’d realize only one of many and it has recently become popular but has been used by a number of steel string players for quite a few years now. Probably one of the most interesting players is Pierre Bensusan the French based guitarist is one that is worth exploring, from memory he won a guitar contest over there about 25 years ago or so. Although he seems to focus on contemporary guitar these days, I feel his contribution is worth listening to, as is John Renbourn the British player.


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