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dadgad blues scale

DADGAD Blues Scale

I’ve had a couple of requests from people wanting to know how to play a Blues scale in D. I purchased some new software today, (that’s right, a guitarist who purchases guitar software).

I’ve decided to change the fingering a little to help players get out of the normal patterns and allow a few open strings to ring out.  Put it this way, if you want to do normal fingering, just stay in normal tuning; open tuning is about expanding as a guitar player.  

Below is a gif image, if you want a better print copy, Download the PDF at the link  dadgad blues scale for acoustic guitar in pdf

 dadgad blues scale

This is a Minor Blues scale (note the Flat 3 note, the F natural) , it also has a flattened 5th note which gives it that BLUE sound as well, yes it clashes sometimes with other notes, it’s about tension ……………..and………….release.

 Use it against a standard blues pattern in D.  As you may know the foundation chords would be D, G and A or A7th.

I thought very carefully about the fingering, I was going to write in the fingering but I thought, why not offer a challenge.  My first fretted note would be with my 1st finger on the 3rd fret.

Good luck…plenty to follow on this topic.



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4 thoughts on “dadgad blues scale

  1. Which software did you buy to do your tabs with? I just got Notion Progression which I’m still in the midst of learning but its pretty cool, I’ve posted a review up on Guitar Noize today.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jon. Your review on your site looks great and as i am aware of your experience I’d recommend that any visitors to my blog check it out. I have not used that software but will try it at some point. The link to the software I used is at one of my other blogs, it’s at I chose the software because I sorted out how to use it after 5 minutes of playing around, export as PDF, and image format and various other formats.


  3. great points altogether, you just won a new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your publish that you
    simply made some days ago? Any positive?

  4. Thanks. I am in LOVE with DADGAD and I haven’t played much with the blues in this tuning yet. Now I will; good idea. I’ve started writing a piece about this tuning, actually, I might give this page a shout out in that post.

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