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DADGAD tuning and similar tunings

DADGAD and other similar tunings

There are times when each of us as musicians feels a little musically ‘stale’. The general tendency for most of us is to put our instrument down and find something a bit more stimulating to do – that is anything except music. These times in our musical life may possibly be signposts to expand out of our limited musical habits.  Most of us fear change; this is probably one of the greatest stumbling blocks that we as humans seem to be burdened with.  The most difficult thing as an artist of any medium to do is to balance the ‘creative aspect’ with the ‘practical side’ that gives us the necessary tools to develop technique.  When we’re not feeling creative it’s the perfect opportunity to look for building blocks to help us expand our musical vocabulary.  Not for the sake of being artistically clever but to develop a broader creative palette to draw from and venture out and explore new musical directions.

I wrote the article was written in 2000 to read the rest of it and find out and get some good simple ideas about playing in similar tunings go to



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6 thoughts on “DADGAD tuning and similar tunings

  1. Do you know any good DADGAD tab sites? I found a gorgeous version of Amazing Grace that’s going to take me a couple days to get my fingers around, but DADGAD is really something – appeals to my melancholic nature?

  2. If you could give me an idea about exactly what you want to know with DADGAD, I might be able to help and point you to some resources, you may be bntter to use DAD F#AD for that tune, It’s a beautiful tune and sit’s nicely with the F# because you can just play a straight barre or harmonic at frets 5 and 7 for the G and and A chord. Do you need to play the melody?

    The October version of acoustic guitar plare mag has some good basic stuff, I ws reading it last night and going to post today about it.

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