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acoustic guitar blog – guitar review

I purchased a new guitar three days ago.  Because buying a new guitar is a special event in most guitarists lives, I decided to start a new blog about guitar reviews.  To read the review, and why I purchased it go to The blog is hosted elsewhere and is still in the testing hase, I’m currently designing and debugging the blog.

Tony Hogan acoustic  guitar player

NOTE:  currently this article is offline due to a technical hitch



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6 thoughts on “acoustic guitar blog – guitar review

  1. Jon

    I’ve got 3 guitar blogs …the first couple are tests, this one is hosted at WP and I can’t run scripts, so i’m hosting elsewhere

    anyway my brain multi-processes

    Regards Tony

  2. Great passion for guitars here. Keep it up. ALmost all guitars end up in the control of nothing if not picked up as the best. So good luck.

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