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What makes a good guitar player version 2

These are some of the basic things that make a good guitar:

  • The ability to listen
  • Leaving space for other musicians to play
  • Knowing that you are not the most important member of a group 
  • Having the humility to turn down to the same level as other players
  • Keeping a good sense of time and not speeding up
  • Being open to learning
  • Not soloing through the whole of a song
  • Having a sensible practice routine
  • Taking good care of your instruments
  • Ability to read chord charts
  • At least a basic understanding of harmony
  • A basic understang of music theory
  • Being in tune
  • Playing with feeling
  • Improvising in a suitable key to the rest of the band
  • Not sulking …yep you read this correctly

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4 thoughts on “What makes a good guitar player version 2

  1. “Knowing that you are not the most important member of a group ”

    Eh? What the? I am really though aren’t I? How about if I just keep it secret?

  2. Thanks Jon.

    Your mum, your girlfriend/wife, and your friend that always wanted to play just like you will know the truth of the matter, it’s you that they love to hear, and you that they come to see and you holds it all together, And yes Jon keep it a secret and one day the world will know 🙂

  3. Talent ar work hard. Which produce best guitarist? I admit that I have no talent in playing guitar. No matter how hard I try, things never change in the past 10 years and my skill still the same as the time when I first started learn to [lay guitar.

  4. feizal – thanks for your response.

    I don’t believe that hard work is the solution to anything. There is another way that’s much better than that, the concept of ‘hard work’ producing a happy end result is based in a very limited mindset.

    As for having ‘no talent’, I doubt that. Judging by what you say the problem is in the way you think about your guitar abilities.

    If you get a moment, read through some of my articles, they are not just about playing guitar, they are about your headspace.

    I’m going to write some articles about the very issues you are talking about.

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