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Air Guitar – the acoustic set

It’s very easy to get over serious sometimes.  So as a type of music therapy I was considering the idea of air guitar for acoustic guitarists.   For anyone that is not up to speed on air guitar, think guitar performance minus one thing – the guitar itself.  A lot of us are familiar with the wonderful antics of virtual electric guitar but how deeply has air acoustic guitar been explored. 

 I’ll make a few suggestions on a particular style.  We’ll call it the air ballad.

 So how to play the air ballad?

  • Sit quietly on the edge of stage.
  • Start with …”this is a song about a woman I once loved, anyone that has ever loved will know what I’m talking about ..”
  • It’s got to be a very mournful expression
  • I think fingerstyle is the go
  • I guess it’s ok to sing along …yes?…or do we do the air vocals as well
  • Expression…maybe meaningful in the chorus
  • A virtual tear in the bridge

Or…maybe there’s people out there already doing it.  Do old air guitarists eventually do an acoustic set or do they just do a reunion tour?


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2 thoughts on “Air Guitar – the acoustic set

  1. I think Air Vocals is definitely the go!

    I think old air guitarists, once they get out of virtual rehab for their air whisky addiction, would attempt to do a reunion tour but the tour would fall through a few times before recruiting an old air vocalist from back in the day!

  2. I’m working on a software app at present that will write vocal TAB for vocalists.

    I don’t think i’ll worry about a Linux version and maybe the Mac people would prefer dots and aren’t interested in Vocal Tab. I’ll have to do a poll. 🙂

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