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Acoustic guitar blog

I’ve been looking around at a lot of the other guitar blogs to see what people are writing/ blogging about.  There’s a lot of people trying to sell their lessons, I guess ‘why not’ because guitar players need to make a living, but I guess the question arises about whether they can play or teach, that’s not a criticism but more a curiousity.  A bit of the theory I’m seeing is a bit skewiff, but it’s a bit rude for one guitar player to comment that some the theory they are teaching is incorrect and has errors in it.   Typos are forgivable but incorrect information is a worry.

But  after digging through a lot of articles, i’m finding it really hard to find any really good inspirational blogs, and they are out there somewhere, I’m sure of this.  So please, if you find any, don’t hesitate to recommend them, even after 38 years on guitar I’m open to learning, I guess that’s a good sign.

The approach that I’ve taken in this blog relates a lot to the headspace / mindset of guitar players.  I guess this has come about by playing in so many different musical combinations and styles, and also from studying with exceptional players.   

I’ll be blogging soon about studying with the guitar master Ike Isaacs, the former Stephane Grappelli guitarist and the Indian Sarod player Ashok Roy, the student of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.  The fascinating thing about Ashok was he knew nothing about the guitar and we ended up with the tuning (bass up) B F# B F# B F (natural), yes an odd tuning but I think it’s important to discuss what I learnt, it was only recently that I heard that Ashok had passed away and I’m not sure if any other players were studying Indian music on the guitar with him.   There are  other ways of learning that I think could help players open up a bit.  Neither of these players specialized in acoustic guitar, that’s why i think it’s important to discuss their approach to music.

 So drop in with some guitar blog links if you think they are inspiring in some way, and let me know why you think they are good.

 Oh yeah, is there any acoustic air guitar happening out there?

Tony Hogan

p.s Also I have been wanting to update my simple guitar theory blog at blogspot but there’s been some techy issues. 


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2 thoughts on “Acoustic guitar blog

  1. Hi!, I´m Alvaro from Argentina and I love your blog.- That´s why I wanted to write u and ask for help! I´m buying an acoustic guitar under $600 and I´m between a Martin (DXM, DX1, or DX1K) or a Seagull (S6 line).- Wich one do you recomend me? Not only the brand but also what model? If u choose seagull… which S6 is the best one? Sorry if I´m waisting your time but it´s not easy to choose and I want some opinions, I will thank your help.- Regards.- Alvaro.-

    1. Alvaro

      Thanks for the question. It is a very difficult question to answer. Every guitar has ts own personality and although some models are better than others at times, what suits one player may not suit another player, because we are all different in the way we play, what sound we like, what shaped neck we like and also the tone we prefer. As a rule, the Seagull’s are great guitars for the price, however as an investment the Martin’s are a better option. I recommend that you go shopping with another guitar player and you have a listen to what the guitars sound like from a distance. Some guitars sound ok close up when you are playing it, but from a distance may not sound as good, and also what may sound good across the room may not sound so nice close up. Guitars and many other instruments are very personal and if you are going to live with a guitar for a number of years it’s worthwhile playing each gone for a half our or so in a shop, then go away and then go back a few days later. Intuition is also very important. You might like to see whether Acoustic Guitar Magazine has reviewed the guitars you have mentioned as they often will do comparisons, but as I say, it is always a personal choice and a guitar must feel right.

      Although I haven’t given you a direct answer, I hope this is helpful


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