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Acoustic Guitarist, that looks good on a business card doesn’t it?  If you are planning a career in music, sitting around practicing 12 hours a day and woodshedding to get your skills up, it is not enough, there are pieces missing.  You could be the greatest player of all time (and even look good as well) , it still won’t get you there.  Traditionally artists of any type are considered ‘air heads’ by many people in the community, it’s not always true and generalizations fall into the ‘limited thinking’ zone but anyone that has ever had to coordinate a group of artists to do something could possibly see a hint of the truth with the label.

One of the major things missing with guitar players is the ability to organize themselves, and maybe it runs through a lot of other aspects of our lives. They can be simple things like:

  • Turning up on time
  • Keeping a diary of things to do
  • Prioritising what needs to be worked on
  • Planning what to practise
  • Setting some small goals

And I’ll say it again

  • Turning up on time

This is starting to sound scarily like business does it not? Mmm, yep.  A lot of us don’t like the business side of music, all we want to do is play, and maybe the money might magically materialize.  Here’s something to consider, if you want to get ahead and be a better player and take your music out of the bedroom and onto the stage, big or small, there needs to be a plan.  Plans aren’t hard to do but they are a bit alien to some of us. 

Maybe the first step is to start to fill in the musical gaps that exist.  example:

  • If you can’t read dots, why not start
  • If you can’t read or write tab strat (now that’s a real guitarist’s typo) to sort it out
  • If your ears aren’t fine tuned for hearing chords – put some time to it
  • If you can only play half a song – learn a few tunes front to back

A lot of what you need to know, you could easily identify because know what you don’t know and where the weak spots are in your playing.  If you don’t work on the weaknesses it’s hard to be confident, and when you are in front of people playing you need as much confidence as possible, because if something goes wrong it’s your confidence and self belief that will help you through. 

 So if you need to start to make sense of musical notation, why not start now?  There’s a very simple blog that covers this at that may be useful. I’m still working on a simple layout for it and am currently putting a site together that has a bit more room onscreen than the blogs.




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